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Chef W Ryan Rieth (Chef W) – Executive Director and Chef of Square One

Allow me to introduce myself…I am Chef “W”. Yes “W” is actually my true birth name. Either my parents had a lot of imagination or none at all! The jury is still out! I am a man who thinks outside the box. It is because of this that I am able to create amazing tastes out of items that other people would consider as nothing. “What am I going to eat? There is no food in this house!” Nonsense, I say! I learned at a young age, that a person can make an incredible meal by taking the “nothing” lying around the cupboard and refrigerator and combing these items together to make a fantastic meal. With over 20 years experience in the restaurant industry, I have decided to take my passion in a new direction.

Executive Chef at Arizona Commercial Kitchens – which is a commissary for small culinary businesses. We not only offer a fully licensed kitchen to rent, but also provide mentoring for those fledgling businesses needing assistance in setting up for success.

Executive Director/Chef at Square One Inc. – The Arizona Commercial Kitchen’s facility provides me the opportunity to utilize my culinary experience and teaching ability to establish a training program for young adults on the Autism Spectrum who would have interest in the food service industry. Square One also offers life skills training and one on one mentoring.